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Nurturing Children While Nurturing The Earth

Posted By: Marc Pickard 

ATLANTA -- A 21st Century child care facility has opened with the commitment to not only nuture the children, but also teach them the green ethic.

While the Red Cross responds as quickly as possible to natural and man-made disasters, environmentalists can take a broader view. They look to save the planet -- and those on it -- for future generations.

There's a new child care facility that seeks to nurture its children and the environment at the same time.

Executive chef Marlon Carpenter trained at the culinary institute of New Orleans, worked at a Memphis hotel, ran his own restaurant. Now, he prepares a meal for his most important customers.

Carpenter is the executive chef at the FIO360 Child Care Center.

"I wanna make sure all the children get a good meal, have a good meal and is fed well, and most of all, he's fed healthy," said Carpenter.

Open for two months at Atlantic Station, FIO360, which means "to become whole," is a 21st Century child care center, built with green materials, teaching the green ethic, and serving organic food.

"Fresh everyday -- organic," said FIO360 co-founder Crissy Klaus. "We don't fry anything. And we have a teeny tiny freezer, because we're committed to fresh food, locally grown and organic."

In addition to traditional curricula, FIO360 teaches its children about sustainability, encourages them to question -- to be curious. And surrounds them in a green environment.

"Because the children are so much more susceptible to the things they come in contact with, what they are exposed to is I think absolutely so important," said Klaus.

The paint used does not give off chemical vapors. The flooring is made of wheat flour and linseed oil. The cleaning chemicals are non-toxic.

The window panels are made from 40 percent post-consumer PET -- that's the same kind of plastic that goes into making bottles and jars, containers, fleece vests, even sleeping bag liners.

Although it does not have the official certification, FIO360 qualifies for gold L.E.E.D. status -- L.E.E.D. stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. All of that is o that when the children grow up, they'll be equipped to save the planet and appreciate a good meal.

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